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    Starting from Wednesday 25.11 all the exercise sessions will be REMOTE. Links to their respective Zoom-meetings will soon be found on the Assignments page.

    All lectures will be held via zoom as scheduled. Most tutorials will be held in-person following the official guidelines. We are investigating a need for an online tutorial group for those requiring it, for instance, those still waiting for immigration process to complete. Lectures will be recorded and uploaded to course pages (mycourses) via Aalto video service (panopto).

    The textbook is Strang: Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 4th Ed. As usual in higher education, only parts of the book will be covered. Earlier editions (or later?) are fine, all exercises will be distributed via MyCo. Handwritten lecture notes will be distributed, also as transcripts of the lectures. This book is one of the best available with plenty of support material on the web including Strang's own lectures.

    Assessment criteria are the exercises and the final exam.

    The actual tutorials begin on Thursday, Oct 29. The first scheduled tutorials on Oct 26 - 28 do not take place. 

    Please register to one and only one group!  We hope that you understand the complexities of course arrangements in the current environment. Oodi has the updated information on times and places.

    A0001 has its own Zulip forum: (Link expires in 10 days, but we will refresh it.)

    Another, general forum is at Laskutupa is a free help centre primarily aimed at students in the basic mathematics courses (MS-A) although students from any mathematics courses are welcome to come for help.

    Harri Hakula, 23.10.2020