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    Update 24.3: Grading is visible. See EXAM page return box.

    Notice. All teaching on this course will be online. Lectures and exercise sessions will be held in Zoom (links will be provided on the course pages).

    Course grades have been sent to Oodi on 24.3.2021.  —  The next exam possibilities are on 13.4.2021 (period 3 exercise points are still valid) and 4.6.2021 (exercise points not valid). Register in Weboodi if you want to take one of those exams.

    Lecturer:  Jukka Kohonen. Head assistant:  Anssi Mirka. In questions relating to the exercise sessions, contact the head assistant or the assistant of your exercise group. When contacting the teachers by e-mail, start by mentioning the course code. (Otherwise how can the teacher know which of his/her courses you are talking about?)

    This MyCourses page will host lecture slides (updated as the course progresses), exercise assignments, and solutions.

    The reading materials for the course are:
    • Textbook: S. Ross (2014): Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists. Available here as an e-book via the Aalto library. You may need to log in with your Aalto account.
    • Lecture slides, see the Lectures section.
    • Solutions of the exercises.