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  • General

    Welcome to the course Statistical Inference 2021! These MyCourses pages will host the lecture plan, lecture slides, exercise assignments, and other material.

    The course lectures and exercise sessions will be hosted online during spring 2021 by using Zoom which is a free-to-use video conference application. Please download and update Zoom to latest version.

    Moreover, in each exercise session we will be using R programming language and use R Studio Desktop as the graphical user interface for R. Please download and install R and R Studio Desktop (Not R Studio Server, which is not free) to your computers. Both are, of course, free.

    Online lectures are via this Zoom link. For recordings see the Lectures folder. The links to the exercise sessions can be found under the Assignments folder. Have a nice course!

    Lecturer: Jukka Kohonen.

    Head assistant: Paavo Raittinen. Contact the head assistant (or the assistant of your own group) in questions related to exercise sessions.

    When contacting the teachers by e-mail, start by mentioning the course code. (Otherwise how can the teacher know which of their courses you are talking about?)

    Course exam is on April 14 at 13.00-16.00. More details will be posted later.