Topic outline

  • This page contains the attendance boxes which are used to mark your attendance and homework points. Please mark your points to the group which you are currently attending even if you have joined into another group in Oodi.

    • Mark "Present and Homework" if you attend to the Zoom exercise session and have done homework
    • Mark "Present" if you attend to the Zoom exercise session but have not done homework

    The homework marks are checked at the beginning of each Zoom exercise session and one student is randomly selected to present their work. The presentation can be R code, powerpoint show, whiteboard drawing, photograph of your hand-written solutions, latex, word, live drawing with paint - which ever you prefer as long as you are confident to give a short explanation of your work. Please remember that your solution does not need to be correct - an attempt is enough - and that the assistant is there for you to complement and help to communicate your work if needed.