Topic outline

    • You will find links to zoom meetings here. 

      Zoom instructions

      • Keep you microphone muted, when you are not speaking.
      • You can choose whether you keep your camera on.
      • It would be nice, if you can turn you camera on, when you are talking, but naturally it is ok to also participate in discussions without camera.
      • It is often difficult to notice chat messages or "hands", so if you have a question or comment, you can just turn on your microphone and speak.

      The first zoom-meeting will be on Monday 26th October at 10:15. In the meeting, we will also discuss how to organize the teaching in this situation.

    • Exercise class

      There are two methods for getting support for solving homework assignments:

      • Zoom-meetings on Fridays 10:15. These meetings will start at 10:15. (The link will be below.)
      • Zulip-chat. You can use the chat for getting help with homework assignments. You can also ask about lectures and other more theoretical aspects from the lecturer, who tries to follow the lectures-stream regularly. Below you can find links for registering to zulip and for accessing it later.
      • Please do not post you half-finished solutions to everyone i.e. if you want to ask e.g. if something is correct, send a private message or email to Julian.
      • It is perfectly ok to discuss the homework problems with other students and to give hints to others, but everyone has to write their own versions of the solutions.

    • URL icon

      Notice that you can choose the registration method for zulip. One possibility is to use you Aalto-account through Google-registrations, but it is also possible to use some other registration method, which allows you to remain anonymous.

      If the link has expired, contact Julian.