Topic outline

  • Each week there are a few exercise problems of which one is an actual home assignment producing exercise points. The set of problems is published on Monday of week m, where m=1,...,6. The deadline for returning the solutions to the home assignment of week m is at 17.00 on Wednesday of week m+1. The model solution for the home assignment of week m and those for the non-homework problems of week m+1 are published on Thursday of week m+1. (For example, the solutions to the home assignment in the first exercise paper should be returned before 17.00 on Wednesday, March 10.)

    Although the non-homework problems do not produce exercise points, it is recommendable to consider them before having a look at the model solutions. There are no actual exercise sessions, but the assistant is on call in Zulip chat each Friday at 12-16. He can further explain the model solutions and also help in solving the home assignments.

    Returning your answers

    Please return all your answers answers as one file, preferably typeset with LaTeX or similar. For exercises involving programming, return the code files separately, i.e. not embedded in the LaTeX document but as runnable files. The default programming language for this course is MATLAB. Returning the exercises in some other language is also possible, but please discuss with the assistant first.