Topic outline

  • Format
    Each student writes one full report during the course, on one of the exercises. Additionally, each student submits answers to two other exercises in a relaxed format ("lomake" = form, answer sheet, questionnaire), which involves data analysis without a structured document. To begin working for an exercise you must ask for the model data from the assistant. This must be done before April 16th after which no reservations will be accepted.

    Detailed instructions
    are published in MyCourses. The exercises and the equipment needed to carry out the experiments are also described in sets of video demonstrations. They shall be examined thoroughly before selecting the exercises.


    A report is written by everybody on one exercise, which can be selected at will (within the limits of maximum allowed students for each exercise). All assignments shall be completed and accepted during one semester, i.e., the course must be finished at one go.

    The first version of the report shall be submitted to the assistant within 3 weeks from receiving the model data. The assistant will review the report and give personal feedback, after which there is one more week to make a second, improved version of the report. The final grade for each report is the average grade of the first and second version.

    Lomake assignments

    The other two selected exercises for each student are reported as lomake assignments, which contain only the pertaining data analysis, where answers are typed in a ready-made form, with attached graphs or other supporting material. Each student is responsible for two lomake assignments. The lomake must be submitted to the assistant within three weeks after receiving the model data. In contrast to the report, there is no second chance to improve.


    The report is graded in the scale 0...10 points. The lomake assignments are graded in the scale 0...5 points.

    The course itself is graded in the normal 0-5 scale. Provided that all three outputs have been accepted, the following grading is used:

    18-20: grade 5
    16<18: grade 4
    14<16: grade 3
    12<14: grade 2
    10<12: grade 1
    0<10: grade 0

    If you have questions concerning a given exercise, please contact the assistant. If your question concerns the course as a whole, contact the course coordinator.