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  • By far, the most appropriate written material for this course is:

    F. Chen: Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, Vol. 1 "Plasma Physics"

    (Vol. 2, "Controlled Fusion" was not, unfortunately, ever published. )

    Other, very useful material:

    Wesson: Tokamaks
    This is the "Bible" for fusion plasma physics: in contains 'everything'. However, it is NOT a textbook but, rather, a reference document.

    Fitzpatrik: Lecture-notes-manuscript
    Well written text on basic plasma physics but generally with more advanced math. However, strongly recommended supplementary reading with discretion. PDF attached with author's permission.

    Karttunen: Plasmafysiikan perusteet
    Most appropriate for this course but written in Finnish. Scanned copy attached.

    Koskinen: Johdatus plasmafysiikkaan ja sen avaruussovelluksiin

    Other useful material:

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      These notes have actually been published as a book, but with Fitzpatrick's approval we are allowed to use them free-or-charge. The material goes quite a bit deeper and broader than what we can afford in this course, so use with discretion.

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      As you can see from the front page, this material was compiled several logos ago. ;) But the basic plasma physics stands time better than different logo versions! The level of this material is quite appropriate for our course but, unfortunately, not one-to-one match. But even for our non-Finnish-speaking participants this might have the additional advantage of providing a nice platform for learning Finnish -- the common language is, of course, math.