Topic outline

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    The course is organised online, consisting of seven contact sessions, excercises and essay.

    Contact sessions
    Topic Lecturer
    21.4.2021 12-16 Welcome to the course!
    Land management
    Kirsikka Riekkinen
    28.4.2021 12-16 Cadastral system
    Cadastral surveys
    Kirsikka Riekkinen
    5.5.2021 12-16 Urban land management
    Land policy and land use policy
    Kirsikka Riekkinen
    Olga Penkkilä
    12.5.2021 12-16 Importance of land management in developing countries
    Kirsikka Riekkinen
    Mika Törhönen
    Oluwafemi Adekola
    Anni Valkonen
    19.5.2021 12-16 Expropriation in Finland
    Kirsikka Riekkinen
    Mikael Still
    26.5.2021 12-16 Rural land management
    Land consolidation
    Land banking
    Kirsikka Riekkinen
    Kalle Konttinen
    2.6.2021 12-16 Presentation of essay findings
    Kirsikka Riekkinen

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    Links to lectures, recordings whenever possible, lecture slides and materials are available here!

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    Instructions: Choose a topic related to land management that you find interesting. Suggestions for topics are given during the first lecture and on the course fron page. The essay should handle the chosen issue in a scientific manner, including references to scientific literature. The essay should have clear structure including

    1) introduction, where you present the issue and its importance in society, and the point of view you have chosen

    2) chapter(s), where you handle the actual issue from the point of view you have chosen

    3) discussion and conclusion, where you present the most important findings in your essay and their meaning in the society, ‘bigger picture’, and what can be learned from the findings

    4) list of literature

    Please, check the evaluation matrix for the essay!

    Minimum length: 4 A4 pages, excluding the cover sheet. (Writing with a pair: 7 A4 pages)

    Minimum number of scientific references: 5 (Writing with a pair: 8)

    DL: 6.6.2021 (note: midterm draft evaluation available latest on 14.5.)

    Presentations on June 2, at 12:15-16:00!

    Note! Due to large group and limited time, the instructions for presentations are changed: prepare one or max. two slides, where you present the topic, background and most interesting findings of your essay. You have maximum 5 min for the presentation, so please be careful with the timing. Presentation of the essay is mandatory part of the course completion and I encourage you to be present the whole session to listen to others. Please check the schedule for presentations below. In case you need to switch places with someone, contact the person(s) directly (or use the discussion forum on course front page), and let me know about the change.