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    Participatory etc. wrap-up and final lecture ZOOM 08.12. 14:15

    This Autumn, this course will be arranged totally online. There will be a lot of flexibility concerning scedules, and the emphasis will be on LEARNING the basics of planning theory, not on staring at your computer/mobile. 

    Planning theory will be learned through reading, writing, and debating. We will concentrate on a limited number of key themes and get familiar with the stuff that is needed in order to UNDERSTAND what you are learning further down planning studies and become knowledgeable planners. For those coming from outside SPT, the course will provide a platter of planning theoretical basics and insights that will enable you to grasp what has been and is going on in planning, from theoretical points of view but with practical connections. 

    The contact teaching sessions are on Tuedays from 14 to 16 via Zoom

    The contact teaching dates are:

    September 8: history of planning thought and theory
    September 15: modern planning theories 1: rational planning and its critique
    (Week of September 22: off-line chat, "Forum" discussion)
    September 29: modern planning theories 2: communicative planning and its critique
    (Week of October 6: off-line chat, "Forum" discussion)
    October 13: modern planning theories 3: critical and radical planning ideas
    (Week of October 20: off-line chat, "Forum" discussion)
    October 27: specific themes 1: integration of land use and transport planning
    (Week of November 3: off-line chat, "Forum" discussion)
    November 10: specific themes 2: strategic planning
    (Week of November 17: off-line chat, "Forum" discussion) 
    November 24: specific themes 3: participation, justice, equity and gender
    (Week of December 1: off-line chat, "Forum" discussion)
    December 8: final seminar

    There is no Tuesday Zoom during the in-between weeks.


    Materials under each week do NOT represent what is required in the assignments - the assignments will be published shortly.

    Vesa Kanninen --> "Vesku"