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  • General

    This course is lectured for the sixth time in fall of 2020. All lectures will be held in Finnish, but all course documentation, instructions and lecture materials will all be in English.

    Intro lecture (9.9.2020 14:15 at TU1) during the intro lecture we will go through the practicalities of the course as well as give out physical object needed for the completion of the group assignment. As we have to give out the object to each group in person the attendance to the intro lecture of at least one member of the group is mandatory. In order to enable social distancing and a safe lecture for everyone we will organize two intro lectures (9.9.2020 at 14:15-15:00 and 15:15-16:00). The amount of attendees to each lecture is limited. In order to know the amount of people attending to the lecture enroll beforehand in section Intro lecture below.

    Form groups before the intro lecture in the section Group forming. More info can be found in the section Group forming.


    The course consists of lectures, exercises, readings (see course book), a final exam and a group assignment. The book and the lectures complement each other, and it is thus necessary to study the book also in order to succeed in the course / in the assignment.

    The lectures are held Wednesdays and Fridays in TU1 lecture hall. Additionally, we offer a live stream from each lecture. Moreover a recording of a lecture will be available as the course proceeds. A complete set of lecture slides will be available prior every lecture.


    Course Book / Study Material: Slack, N.; Brandon-Jones, A.; Johnston, R. (2011) : Essentials of Operations Management, Prentice Hall 

    Note: Lecture materials for this course are updated in the Resources (Aineistot) section, which can be accessed from the top right corner of the main page.

    (preliminary schedule)
    Topic of the Lecture Lecturer
    9.9.2020 Introduction to OM Course
    Timo Seppälä
    • 14:15 - 15:00
    1st group  
    • 15:15 - 16:00
    2nd group  
    11.9.2020 Operations Strategy
    (Chapters 1 and 2/Book)
    Timo Seppälä
    16.9.2020 Product and Service Life Cycle Management and Operations
    (Chapter 4/Book)
    Timo Seppälä
    18.9.2020 Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) 
    (Chapter 10/Book)
    Riikka Kaipia
    Individual exercise(s)
    Inbound and Inventory Management
    (Chapter 9/Book)
    Jari Laine

    Supply Network Management
    (Chapter 7/Book)

    Outbound and Channel Management
    (Chapter 9/Book)
    30.9.2020 Production Planning and Control
    (Chapter 10/Book)
    Timo Seppälä
      Production and Capacity Management
    Chapter 8/Book)
    2.10.2020 Service and Digital Operations Part 1 
    Watch podcast:
    Timo Seppälä
    7.10.2020 Service and Digital Operations Part 2
    Watch podcast:

    Timo Seppälä
    no lecture
    no lecture
    no lecture
    no lecture
    no lecture

    • Grading 











      How to get points:

      Exam (weight 2/3):
      The pass line is 14/30. Therefore from your result on the exam 14 points are deducted and the sum is scaled by (2/3). You cannot pass the course without passing the exam.

               max= (30p-14p)*2/3= 10.666

      Group assignment (weight 1/3): 5p for the optional (but highly recommended) partial deliveries, 10p for the final report. 

               max= 15*1/3= 5

      Bonus - Feedback: At the end of the course you will get a link to a webropol feedback. You can get 1 extra point for this feedback, however, this extra point is available only on the 1st exam. For example, if you give feedback, but pass the exam on the second time, you will not be granted this extra point.  

      Max= 10.666+5+1= 16.666