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  • TESTI_TU-E4081 - Selling in Growth Companies D, 01.03.2021-31.03.2021

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    22.3 14:15-16:00 (Customer Teaching Canvas)
    6.4 14:15-16:00 (Q&A Session)

    Objective: Learning the basic principles of the sales management and innovative business models, with an emphasis on cutting edge technology and growth companies.

    Contents: Principles and models of sales management and business model innovation. Industry transformation and particularly B2B value chains are paid extra attention. Project, product, service and solution selling business models are covered. Selling and commercialising innovations, kicking off startups, joint ventures, spinoffs and partnerships and working in networks with large industrial players are all touched upon. Value based selling is a central theme across the different topics and themes. The course consists of three synchronous lectures in Zoom (6 hrs), video lectures and article readings with assignments (26 hrs), case study assignment (16 hrs), field assignment (16 hrs) and peer-reviewing and self-reflection (14 hrs).

    Grading: Video and article questions (33%) case assignment (33%) and field assignments (33%).

    Responsible person: Professor Petri Parvinen, course coordinator Antti Lähtevänoja (

    Other information: Teaching in English. Opetus järjestetään englanniksi.

    Exam:  No exam