Topic outline

  • UWAS Design & Culture offers students diverse insights into the interrelationships, and the tensions, between design practices, design artifacts, design policies, sustainability, consumption, culture and cultural action. Students are encouraged to critically assess design work as part of wider cultural, social and political entities, reflect on their own (potential) roles and agency as cultural actors, and recognize options for designerly undertakings. The learning objectives of the course are supported among others by means of discussion of real-life cases; the course includes in-house and guest lectures by professional practitioners, local outings, and literature reviews and writing and active discussion — these, carried out irl and also in the students' own wiki.

    You are warmly welcome!

    —Paola Cabrera

    UWAS-C0029 Design and Culture 2021
    V Period Mondays and Fridays, 15:15-18:00.
    Start Monday 19.4., End Friday 28.5.

    The schedule and materials concerning the specific sessions are found in the Program page.

    Note: The course’s weekly structure is designed with consideration to pedagogical and practical reasons: Monday afternoons are for content and reflection mainly in lecture and workshop formats, and Friday afternoons would be most for outings — which due to SARS-CoV-2 will likely be adapted to varied 'virtual' modes of visitation and discussion.

    The course's 'classroom number' in Zoom (meeting ID) is 64915371995. Read about Zoom for Aalto users.

    Oodi Library, overview of children's area in use

      Oodi Library, overview of children's area in use, December 2018 (Photo: Paola Cabrera. Not for use or any kind of publication.)


    UWAS courses provide Aalto students with opportunities to explore art and design practices and processes while facilitating transdisciplinary encounters between students from varied backgrounds, regardless of the field of study or the 'home' School or Department. UWAS aims at expanding in the Aalto community the understanding of the powerful ways in which art and creative practices shape and define the world around us.

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