Osion kuvaus

  • Learning Outcomes: After this module you are able to

    • select methods for collecting feedback
    • discuss and evaluate how teaching methods and feedback are used in your discipline
    • list things that belogn to high quality teaching
    • evaluate your own teaching competency

    Individual assignment:

    Before your group meeting

    1. Read the article

    • Focus on student Feedback  and course development  process

    2. See the video

    Course plan Final version DL 14.12.2020

    Write the final version of your course plan and include topics:

    • How you plan to collect student feedback (during and after a course)
    • How you plan to utilize it in course development.
    • Submit your course plan to Drop box for final course plan (Course plan: template, versions and drop box for versions 4.0 and final). 

    Peer Groups' Case-solutions DL 5.12.2020 and comments and discussion DL 6.-14.12.2020

    • Familiarize yourself with other groups' Case solutions and at least comment the solution made for your group's written case  DL 14.12.2020