Topic outline

  • PDPP process simplified
    We use mostly English on this course. Teacher is, however, helping you in Finnish or in Swedish as well.

    The course schedule consists of two online sessions, individual work, and two rounds of peer review. Teacher is available throughout the course as a mentor.

    17 September 2020: 12:15-13:00 Starting meeting on Zoom (Step 1) 
    - if you missed this, please contact Ville Kivimäki ( to book a private intro.
    1 October 2020: 12:15-13:00 Follow-up meeting on Zoom (Shared experiences)
    15 October 2020: first exercise, individual work (Step 2)
    29 October 2020: first peer review round, through MyCourses (Step 3)
    12 November 2020: second exercise, individual work (Step 4)
    26 November 2020: second peer review round, through MyCourses (Step 5)
    10 December 2020: PDPP 1.0 submission (Step 6)

    PDPP in two pictures:

    Personal development: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, social
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    Project management: initiate, plan, execute, monito, control, perform
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