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    Seminar Programme (article PDFs in Materials)
    The course will take place fully online (Zoom & MyCourses) in 2020-21.

    Article presentation & discussion
    -> Presenter: Ksenia Kaverina

    -> Presenter: Tina Madsen

    27.11. Article 3: Denis Dutton: Authenticity in Art (2005)
    -> Presenter: Oleksandra Suschenko

    4.12. NO MEETING (Art of Research conference) 

    -> Presenter Tommy Lindgren

    -> Presenter: Yizhou Zhao

    15.1. NO MEETING

    22.1.   Article 7: Yuriko Saito: The Aesthetics of Emptiness (2017) 
    -> Presenter: Eve Kiiler

    29.1.   Article 4: Barbara Gail Montero: Aesthetic Effortlessness (2016) 
    -> Presenter: Pirita Lauri

    N.B.! Independent assignment: Article 8: Wolfgang Welsch: Animal Aesthetics (2004) & Article 9: Arto Haapala: The Everyday, Building, and Architecture (2017)
    -> Write c. 1 page critical synopsis of both texts and post it to the discussion forum + comment on 2 posts of others, deadline 12th Feb 

    Essay presentations & discussion

    12.2. General session: Going through Welsch and Haapala together; discussing the essay tasks 

    19.2. General session: Discussion about research, writing, and publishing

    5.3. Presentation 2, Presenter: Pirita Lauri  Opponent: Eve Kiiler

    12.3. Presentation 1, Presenter: Tommy Lindgren  Opponent: Yizhou Zhao  

    19.3. Presentation 4, Presenter: Yizhou Zhao   Opponent:  Pirita Lauri 

    26.3. General session

    9.4. Presentation 6, Presenter: Ksenia Kaverina  Opponent: Tommy Lindgren

    16.4. Presentation 3, Presenter: Tina Madsen  Opponent: Ksenia Kaverina

    23.4. Presentation 5, Presenter: Eve Kiiler  Opponent: Tina Madsen 

    The spring term meetings are reserved for discussing the students’ essays. Everyone will write a 10–15 page essay (6000–8000 words) that will be presented in the seminar. Preferably, the theme should combine some core areas of aesthetics or philosophy of art and the student’s doctoral project. It is advisable to select and follow the guidelines of a journal, to which the produced essay could be offered for publication. 

    Each week one paper will be discussed. Each student will also be an opponent of one paper. 

    The papers should be sent 1 week in advance (the previous Friday latest) to the General discussion board.

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