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  • ELEC-L0902 Introduction to Doctoral Studies D (2 or 3 cr)

    How do I plan my career? What kind of support is available to doctoral students?

    In this course we will discuss and hear expert views on doctoral studies, services available, career planning, financing, research ethics etc.
    Currently this course is arranged twice a year.

    Contact Info

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    Course Staff

    Teachers in Charge: prof Ari Sihvola and prof Vesa Välimäki

    Course Coordinators: Emma Holmlund, Antti Ojapelto, Suvi Katajamäki

    Various visiting lecturers

    Course Requirements

    In order to pass the course, you need to meet these requirements:

    Active Participation in the Aalto Orientation Days 18-19.1.2021
    1. You need to either take part in the orientation program for all Aalto University doctoral candidates and write a reflective essay on it, see Orientation Reflective Essay, or
    2. Do the assignment Assignment for 3 cr or substituting orientation. If you missed the orientation and want three credits, you need to do the assignment twice, with different topics.
    Active Participation in Seminars
    1. You need to either attend the Seminar Sessions 1, 2 and 3 the whole time, or attend at least half of the time and substitute the rest with extra assignments Missing a Session. You need to follow the instructions on how to attend the online sessions. Please see the Timetable for times of the sessions. Participation in the Kick-off Event and Closing Session are not required, but recommended.
    You need to do and submit these assignments by the deadline mentioned:
    1. Reflective Writing, dl 20.1.2021 at 3 pm
    2. Practical Tips, Reflective Essay, dl 20.1.2021 at 3 pm
    3. Writing Assignment, Part I, dl 20.1.2021 at 3 pm
    4. Ethics Group Work, dl 20.1.2021 at 3 pm
    5. Career Assignment, dl 20.1.2021 at 3 pm
    6. Writing Assignment, Part II, dl 7.2.2021
    7. Orientation Reflective Essay, dl 28.2.2021 (if you attended the orientation)
    8. Final Reflection Essay, dl 28.2.2021
    9. Assignment for 3 cr or substituting the orientation (Do this, if you want 3 credit points or if you missed the orientation), dl 28.2.2021

    Admission and Registration

    This course is for doctoral students of Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering. We are sorry we can't take any M.Sc. or B.Sc. students. If you have begun your work towards the doctor's degree and you have submitted the online application for doctoral studies in Aalto ELEC but you have not been admitted yet, please contact the course coordinators if you wish to take the course now.

    Please register in Oodi to attend the course. You need to have Aalto IT license to take this course.

    Admission preferences if needed to limit group size:
    1. Full-time doctoral students of ELEC
    2. Other doctoral students of ELEC, we prefer students who are at early stages in their doctoral studies.