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  • Visitor/keynote speaker: Jani-Petri Martikainen, senior university lecturer, SCI, Department of Applied Physics

    All the course material used during the first day will be found here: the slides, the assignments along with the instructions and the material you have made in the class. The submission boxes for the assignments will be here as well.

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      Pleased enclosed you will find the materials by Senior university lecturer Jani-Petri Martikainen (physics, SCI)

    • Assignments for the next session:
      Intructions and submission boxes for teaching observations are in the Teaching observations section.
      For the following tasks, more instructions can be found inside the activities on this page:

      • What course do you teach, how can one observe a teaching session? Which teaching sessions do you observe? (DL 21.1.)
      • Reading assignment & group reflection (DL 22.1.)
      • Orientation for the Day 2: Questions about administration? (DL 22.1.)
      + Teaching observation DL 8.2. (observation instructions on Teaching observation section)
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