Topic outline

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    • Assessment is done according to the rubric. An excellent report should orient itself at the example reports provided in the Group Assignment section. 

      Every group member assesses two other reports. For this to work (MyCourses limitation) every group member needs submit the report through the workshop tool! 

      Peer-assessment is an essential work-life skill. In consulting for example you are to peer-assess your peers and superiors from the first project onwards. If you are unable to diligently apply a rubric while assessing you might make a fool out of yourself and slow your career. In most other company settings, peer assessment will be part of your task portfolio once you have any kind of management responsibility. As a result, please take this as serious as any other skill you hoped to take from your course. 

      Moreover, it is useful and important that you see the work of your fellow study companions. Usually one gets new ideas and can form a rounder skill set if one sees other people's work.

      I will check all assessments and provide my own assessment of your work. If you fail to deliver a proper peer assessment points will be deducted from your groupwork. This step is necessary so every group benefits from fair and proper assessment and there are not free riders.