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    Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about the course (updated on 19.4.2022). If you cannot find the answer to your question, please post it in the Questions forum on the main page. If your question is of a personal nature (sudden illness, special study arrangements, etc.), please email Alexei and Kushagra.

    Course registration

    I am currently not registered for the course because X and I really need to take it because Y. Can I please get a spot on the course?

    Sorry, no. The course is overbooked and we do not have the resources to accept any more students. No exceptions.

    Can I get access to the course materials even if I cannot take the course?

    Sorry, no.

    If I choose to drop out of the course now, can I retake it?

    Yes. All students with a valid registration for this course who opt not to complete the course now will be accepted to the course next autumn in Period II (not Period I as specified in earlier communications). However, students who complete the course now and receive a grade will not be admitted next autumn.

    Practical arrangements

    Are the two pre-assignments mentioned by the previous lecturer still mandatory?

    Students will need to complete the Intro to R course in the first week - the link to the course will be posted in the first week's self-study material. There will be no online quiz on the basics of statistics.

    When will the lecture videos be uploaded?

    The beginning of each week.


    Do I need to know R in order to take the course?

    Technically, the course is designed based on the assumption that students have no previous programming experience. However, as the course is now a self-study course, previous experience with R, Python, or a similar programming language might be helpful. We are unfortunately unable to offer individual support to students struggling with R. There are, however, plenty of useful tutorials online.

    Will there be other assignments in addition to the individual assignments and the exam?


    I missed an assignment deadline because x. Can I still submit my work?

    Late assignments will not be accepted unless there are exceptional circumstances, such as a documented illness. Tech issues do not count as exceptional circumstances. It is good practice to backup your work and not leave anything for the last minute.

    Can I do the assignment together with my course mates?

    In theory, the assignments are individual assignments. In practice, we have no surefire way of verifying whether collaboration took place. However, if we have reason to suspect that collaboration took place, we will refer the case to the Study Office.