Topic outline

  • The course will start by picking up materials 

    on Monday 11.01. 9.15-10.00. from Otakaari 1 X (a-wing) first floor.

    Intro will start at 11.00. in Zoom.

    Picking up the material packages:

    - Walk down the stairs to the cellar from the first floor

    - Workshopmaster Maria Mastola (tel. 050-4760434) will be there to guide you.

    - Pick up the materials following safe distances to other people, and leave the cellar from the side door.

    - All materials except paints, gesso, clay, papers, charcoals + eraser must be returned to Info service in A-wing, Otakaari 1 X. Attach a tape with your name on it to the tools.

    Take good care of all the tools during the course.

    Materials to pick up:

     - Ink (black)

    - 4 pieces of charcoal

    - 3B pencil 

    - eraser for charcoal 1/4 piece

    - gluestick

    - 3 hot glue sticks 

    - masking tape roll

    - paints 10 tubes (black, white, 2x blue, red, and yellow + yellow ochre, phatalo green)

    - gesso

    - roll of wire ( 0.5-0.9mm/ n. 35meters)

    - clay (bigger than 200x50x120mm)

    - braided net appr. A3 piece

    - MDF-board 600x500mm

    - primed canvas  A3


    Papers and cardboards:

    corrugated cardboard (cut from a roll)

    1500x1000mm piece

    corrugated cardboard sheet 800x1200mm

     - 6kpl cardboard (380x480mm)

    - 3mm foam core (kapalevy) A3-size

    - 3 pieces of large cardboards

    - 5 pieces of litoposter

    - appr. 20 sheets A4

    - appr. 5 sheets A3



    - 2 brushes (4-5 ja 7-9)

    - Ink brush (pony hair)

    - gesso-brush

    - small size chamois

    - 300x300x11mm piece of plywood for clay work

    - piece of sandpaper (120) for sanding MDF-board


    Possibility to loan:

    Pliers, hot glue pistol, carpet knife