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  • Welcome to My own strengths - module

    kuva ihmisistä

    In this module, you will work on your own strengths. During studies, we often pay attention to what we cannot do well yet and what needs to be learned more. Growth and development are lifelong processes. Sometimes, however, it is good to pause and actively reflect about your current abilities and about what you are good at

    We all have vast amounts of strengths and potential, but sometimes it can be challenging to talk about these strengths and find words to describe one’s own competences. As you complete the exercises in the My Own Strengths -module, you get to actively think about the positive aspects of yourself. Be brave as you do them, cheer yourself on, forget unnecessary modesty, and let yourself shine!

    You can gain the most use out of doing all the six exercises, but they can also be completed separately. Each exercise will take about 15-30 minutes, depending on your own pace of working. Give these exercises and your own thinking some time!

    If you would like to discuss your own strengths or anything else related to yourself, you can always contact the Aalto career or study psychologists.     

    Contact information: INTO-pages

    From the Aalto INTO-pages, under study skills, you can find more information about self-confidence as a student and compassionate thinking towards oneself.