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      If you are in Finland, go to nature (parks are also fine) with a camera. We recommend that you have something to eat with you. The traditional Finnish snack is "kahvi ja pulla", coffee and sweet buns.  Observe nature and take at least 3 pictures. Share your pictures and a short explanation of:

      • where you were,
      • what you saw
      • and how you liked it.
      Add your story to the Padlet

      If you are abroad choose a place in Finnish nature where you would like to visit. Find pictures online and tell why you would like to see that place.

      Write as much as you can in Finnish.

      Picture: Pixabay (16.9.2020) 
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      1. Write and draw your weekly schedule in Finnish.

      Describe when you wake up, eat, study or work, have hobbies, meet friends and family etc.

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      Introduce 10 of your most important items with pictures. You can use PowerPoint or Google Slides.

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