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    • Commitment to international tutoring

      The most important overall goal of the tutor is to help the new students to integrate into the student culture and to help to get started with the life in Finland.

      The main responsibilities of the tutor are:

      • Attend tutor trainings or do the compensatory assignments organized by Aalto University Student Union and tutor’s own student association before the orientation week
      • Contact the international students well before the beginning of the semester
      • Meet the student upon arrival as agreed (for example airport pick up)
      • Be present during the whole Orientation week and help the new students the best way possible
      • Be an exemplary Aalto student and student union member and treat all students equally
      • Organize at least one meeting with the tutor group after the orientation week
      • Submit a report about tutoring in the end of the semester

      By fulfilling these responsibilities the tutor is entitled to a compensation worth 200 € per tutor group. 

      Finally, if the tasks are fulfilled, the agreed compensation will be paid by the given deadline. The school has the right to follow if the responsibilities of the tutor are fulfilled and refuse to pay the compensation if not.  After fulfilling all the tasks, you can have a certificate for being an international student tutor. If you want to have the certificate, please ask for it from your school's coordinator.

      In order to receive the compensation you should do the following:

      • Go through the Tutor training 2022 and complete the required tasks at the latest on Aug 28, 2022 at 23:59 (groups arriving for autumn semester) or Dec 31 at 23:59, 2022 (groups arriving for spring semester)
      • Accept the commitment for international student tutors at the latest on Aug 28 at 23:59, 2022 (groups arriving for autumn semester) or Dec 31 at 23:59, 2022 (groups arriving for spring semester)
      • Fulfill the responsibilities of the tutor (see the document below)
      • Submit your report here on MyCourses (the page of your school)
      • Fill in the personal data form together with your tax card for the compensation payment information (Instructions will be send directly by email to students who have completed the tutor training. The email will be send about two weeks before the deadline in November and/or in April.)

      Please note that it is possible to receive credits for JOIN-A0002 course only once. If you have completed the course and received credits for it during an earlier semester, you cannot receive the credits again, but you can still get the tutor compensation (if you fulfill the necessary requirements).

      Deadlines for the report, personal data form and tax card are:

      • groups arriving for the autumn semester: no later than November 30, 2022
      • groups arriving for the spring semester: no later than April 14, 2023

      Please note that the deadlines above are binding and final. It is not possible to submit any documents after the deadline has passed and still receive the tutor compensation and credits.

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