Topic outline

  • Time and place of the final draft presentations:

    Group 1 (Mitri Kitti): 23.8.2022 at 13:15 in U262 KPMG - U262, Kandidaattikeskus

    Group 2 (Pauli Murto): 23.8.2022 at 13:15 in U261 OP - U261, Kandidaattikeskus

    Group 3 (Iivo Vehviläinen): 23.8.2022 at 13:15 in POSTI - U259, Kandidaattikeskus

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      Each students should upload her thesis draft by starting a "discussion thread" with the title of their thesis. Note that in order to upload your file you need to choose option "advanced" after you start the discussion topic. 

      This should be done at latest on Thursday 18.8. at 12:00.  The assigned readers should then write their comments before the seminar session by replying to the thread

      As a reader, you should download the draft(s) for which you are a reader before the seminar, read it, and give some constructive comments to the author, a few lines of comments is enough. You should upload your comments before the seminar as a "Response" to the Discussion thread started by the author. 

      (opponents will receive the draft via email directly from the thesis author, and do not necessarily need to look for them here). 

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      Opponents should upload their comments here after the seminar when they did the opposition, and latest on the day after the seminar. 

      The opponent comment document should be approximately one page long, and the title of the document should be Opponentcomments_Name (where the name = the name of the opponent.) Inside the file, please clarify the author and the name of the thesis that you are writing the comments for. 

      The opponent should also send their comments separately to the author of the thesis they are commenting on. 

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      Presenters should upload their presentation slides here. To ensure smooth process during the seminar, please upload your slides at least 15 minutes before the start of the seminar