Topic outline

  • 1. Exercise groups and assistants. Assignment sheets for the exercises can be found at the bottom of this page.

     Group   Time  Assistant Location  Notes 
     H01  Mon 16.15 - 18.00 
     Alisa Hakola
     H02  Tue 10.15 - 12.00
     Timo Norrkniivilä
     H03  Tue 12.15 - 14.00  Alisa Hakola
     Y307a Updated for IV-period 
     H04  Tue 14.15 - 16.00  Timo Norrkniivilä
     H05  Tue 16.15 - 18.00  Aleksi Avela
     H06  Wed 10.15 - 12.00  Kristian Jakobsson 
     H07  Wed 12.15 - 14.00
     Mikko Kaivola
     U6 On 25.1. in U9
     H08  Thu 16.15 - 18.00 
     Mikko Kaivola
     Maari B (Linux) - 182  
     H09  Fri 8.15 - 10.00
     Jaakko Wallenius
     H10  Fri 14.15 - 16.00  Jaakko Wallenius
     H11  Wed 16.15 - 18.00  Jaakko Wallenius
     H12  Wed 8.15 - 10.00  Kristian Jakobsson
     H13  Tue 10.15 - 12.00   Jaakko Wallenius

    2. Grading

    The course grade (0-5) is determined based on the total of exam points (0-24) and exercise points (0-6),

    • Total points = exam points + exercise points.
    The total points correspond to the following course grades,
    • 15 total points <-> grade 1
    • 16 total points <-> grade 2
    • 19 total points <-> grade 3
    • 22 total points <-> grade 4
    • 25 total points <-> grade 5

    Additionally, grade 1 is also awarded to those who get 12 points from the exam alone. 

    Note, especially, that the highest grade (5) can not be obtained without any exercise points. The reason for this is that learning to use R, and learning to conduct statistical analysis in practice are essential learning goals of the course.

    The exercise points are valid in all exams organized during the year 2023.

    If you miss some exercise session (e.g. the first week because of travels), please study the problems on your own. You can still continue the course.


    There are several exercise groups in the course. Please attend one of them weekly and arrive in time in order to get exercise points from the homework.

    The homework marks are checked at the beginning of each exercise session with attendance list which is filled at the beginning of each exercise session using MyCourses attendance box. One student is then randomly selected to present their work. The presentation can be R code, powerpoint show, whiteboard drawing, photograph of your hand-written solutions, latex, word, live drawing with paint - which ever you prefer as long as you are confident to give a short explanation of your work (we strongly encourage you to make and present your homework solution with / as R code). Please remember that your solution does not need to be correct - an attempt is enough - and that the assistant is there for you to complement and help to communicate your work if needed

    You can find the group times and locations in SISU.

    The course exercises consist of two kinds of problems, homework problems and class problems.

    • Homework problems: the first problem(s) of each week's exercise sheet is a homework problem which must be completed before that week's exercise session. Bring your solution to the homework problems with you to the exercise sessions (exception: first week's exercise). In the beginning of the exercise session, the course assistant will randomly ask some people who have solved the homework problem to present their solutions to everyone.
    • Class problems: the remaining problems of each week's exercise sheet are class problems that will be solved together in the exercise sessions.

    Additionally, some of the homework and class problems are optional. And although no points will be awarded from them, you are still heavily encouraged to go them through. 

    Exercise points will be awarded from the sessions as follows:

    • 1/2 exercise points, if you actively attend the exercise session and had completed the week's homework problem.
    • 1/4 exercise points, if you actively attend the exercise session but had not completed the week's homework problem.
    Exception: during the first week's exercise, the full 1/2 points will be awarded solely based on active attendance. Note that active attendance to the exercise sessions is mandatory if you want to obtain any exercise points. 

    If you are unable to attend your own group, you are allowed to attend any of the other groups. If, on a given week, you cannot attend the exercises at all, contact the head assistant (Aleksi Avela) by e-mail. Note that you need an extremely good reason for getting the points without attendance!

    3. Assignment sheets

    The planned assignment sheets can be found below.

    The model solutions will be downloaded in the respective week's folder after the week's last exercise session.