Topic outline

  • To define who is presenting and acting as opponents in each session, we use an optimisation model to maximise topic preference scores.

    Your pretask is to do some preliminary research on each of the course topics, which are listed in the Seminar program and Background material sections. Use this CSV file (you may have to use right-click/ Download or equivalent) to give a score to each of the topics following this scale:

    1. Not particularly interested or curious
    2. Curious about it
    3. Somewhat interested
    4. Certainly Interested
    5. Very much interested

    CSV files can be opened using text editors or MS Excel. Remember to rename the CSV file with your first/preferred and last names. For example, mine would be renamed as fabricio_oliveira.csv. 

    Please submit your task no later than Thu 08.09.2022 at 1 pm. In our first contact session on Friday 09.09.2022 I will let you know the final allocation to each of the topics.