Topic outline

  • Below you will find materials that we are currently using in our class. Slides and all relevant material will be uploaded before the class (tentatively Friday before), so you can have a look at it and take notes during our sessions. Below a tentative schedule for the course.

    We will discuss one topic per week, so we expect you will have covered the related topic prior to class.

    week 1:  Course introduction & Intro on Spectroscopy & Microscopy (slide,


    questions: Absorption & emission (Lambert-Beer), spectroscopy and energy level,  electron microscopy: main working principle, scanning probe microscopy: main working principle

    week 2: Microscopy techniques (Atomic Force Microscopy, Electron Microscopy)  (slide,


    questions: AFM: working principle, modes and its use to study biomolecules; STM: working principle; EM: working principle, modes and its use to study of biomolecules 

    week 3: Mass Spectrometry (slide, paper


    questions: Working principle of MS, summary of the elements of the MS (Ionisation/Mass Analyzer/Detector), Read the resulting spectrum. MS and Biomolecules.

    week 4: UV-vis & Fluorescence Spectroscopy (slide,


    questions: Absorption and emission, and how to measure it; Fluorescent molecules and fluorescence spectroscopy; Try to explain Fall foliage in terms of absorption and emission; what is THz radiation and why is it important (for biomolecules)  

    week 5: Raman & InfraRed Spectroscopy (slide,


    questions: Raman working principle, Stokes/Anti-Stokes/Rayleigh and virtual energy. FTIR working principle and difference between FTIR and Raman.

    week 6:  Guest lecture + Course recap