Topic outline

  • 5 graded problem sets. Deadlines on Thursdays at 18:00. Problem sets are published a week before the deadline. Deadlines are strict - do not email us your solutions.

    Problem sets have equal weight and include both analytical and empirical problems. You need at least 50% of points to pass the course. Only four problem sets with the highest grades will be considered.

    Do ask for help! For example, if you don't know to solve the problem, we TAs will help you get started. Or if you don't quite understand the phrasing of the question, we will clarify it. You can ask questions during the exercise sessions or on Zulip. Overall, it is a good practice to follow Zulip regularly since we might post helpful tips there. Link to Zulip here. Questions by email should be avoided, but can be used if necessary, such as regarding personal matters.

    Also, it might be helpful to check out this online Stata material made by last year's TA Jaakko Markkanen.

    Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. Do not share your answers or code. You can discuss the exercises in small groups, but all answers must be self-written.

    Monday sessions (individual work and guidance) in U257 (Otakaari 1) at 13:15-15:00.
    Friday sessions (going through previous exercises) in R102 (Väre) at 10:15-12:00.
    Note: Friday sessions only on weeks with problem set deadlines. There is Monday session on 3.4., and not on 10.4.

    Problem Set 1 - Deadline 9.3. (sessions 6.3. & 10.3.)
    Problem Set 2 - Deadline 16.3. (sessions 13.3. & 17.3.)
    Problem Set 3 - Deadline 23.3. (sessions 20.3. & 24.3.)
    Problem Set 4 - Deadline 30.3. (sessions 27.3. & 31.3.)
    Problem Set 5 - Deadline 13.4. (sessions 3.4. & 14.4.)