Topic outline

  • The first module paints the "big picture" of sales & sales management as part of the inter-company value creation. The learning goal of the first module is to understand the role and structure of a value proposition in B2B selling.


    Value creation in business relationships: The role of sales in contemporary networked value-focused business relationships is to design and communicate a value proposition, which is then used by marketing and sales to engage customers into joint value creation. In our first session we first explore and analyse a few different value propositions to agree on a value proposition structure. Then, we link value proposition to customer's goals, change and decision making. 

    Preparation for the meeting includes three quick activities:

    1.  Watch a video "Value communication examples" (or this link) to understand how different companies seek to influence their customers goals, needs, and solution vision. 

    2. Watch a video "Understanding customer goals" (or this link) to understand why and how customers change. We will then discuss during the first session how value proposition and customer decision making are connected.

    During the class:

    3. I'll recap on the value communication, customer decision making, and the role of value proposition in marketing and sales and paint the "big picture of sales management". Here's a link to the presentation material.

    After the class:

    4. Test your learning by a quiz: "Understanding customer goals" The quiz is activated at 12.00 and closed at 18:00. You have 20mins to answer 9 true/false questions.


    Influencing with valueThe sales function leverages value proposition in different ways and formats at the different stages of the buyer-seller interactions. The sales function (often also as key account managers) exchange information and agree on commitments together with the customer's key people. The information and commitments are evaluated by the sales management function to support the sales management function toward a joint value creation agreement. 

    Organizations buy solutions and services to implement change. Fundamental to selling is to understand buying and decision making and how selling is used to influence these. Preparation  for the day involves reading the article discussing customer value propositions in business markets and watching a video "Value proposition structure". 

    1. Read the article: "Customer value-propositions in business markets" and

    2. Watch the video "Value proposition structure", (or this link) which re-connects to the Tuesday's discussion.

    Then, during the class 

    3. We have a quest presentation from HILTI, which is known for its innovative approach to business development. Presentation material is here.

    4. We have a group presentation from you, presenting the pre-reading article. Then,

    5. I quickly recap and discuss the key topics of the week. Here's the presentation material.


    5. Summarise your learning by writing a short reflective essay on the entire week's learning insightsThe first module learning diary: Write a short reflective online learning diary on "Customer goals & buying process". Please complete the learning diary by the next meeting (10.00 on 1.11)