Topic outline

  • For the lectures 2 and 3, please read the chapter 1 and sub-chapters 3.1 and 3.2 from the Godfrey-Smith: Theory and Reality

    For lecture 4, please read chapter 5 (Kuhn’s revolution) from Godrey-Smith’s "Theory and Reality".

    For lecture 5, please read sub-chapter 10.7 (Natural Kinds) from Godrey-Smith and sub-chapter 3.4 (Realism and Social Concepts) from Risjord’s “Philosophy of Social Science”.

    For lecture 6, please read chapter 2 from Risjord's Philosophy of Social Science

    For lecture 7, please read Brown's "Is science really value free and objective"

    For lecture 8 (Art as an Object of Study) read the Introduction to Gabriel Rockhill's book Radical History and the Politics of Art and the article "Some experiments in Art and Politics" by Bruno Latour on e-flux

    For lecture 9, please read "Critical Theory and Postmodernism: On the Interplay of Ethics, Aesthetics, and Utopia in Critical Theory" by Seyla Benhabib

    For lecture 10, please read chapter 13 on Explanation from Godrey-Smith and chapter 4 on Interpretative Methodology from Risjord.