Osion kuvaus

    • The written re-examination on Finnish 2 is on Monday 19 December at 17.00-18.00Note that the starting time is at 5 (not 4.30) Finnish time.

      The exam questions are in a PDF-file, which will be visible to you on MyCourses when the exam starts at 17.00. Make sure you sign in before the exam, as the exam is only visible when you’re signed in to MyCourses.

      ·         You have 60 minutes to write the exam and to upload it to MyCourses. 

      ·         The test ends at 18.00. If you turn in your work late you will be awarded a lower grade than you would otherwise have received, and the absolute latest time to turn in your work is 18.30. 

      ·         The exam works exactly the same way as the assessed homework that we’ve done during the course:

      o    Write your answers in a separate document (pdf, docx…) and upload it to MyCourses.  

      o    If you wish to write the exam by hand, you can do so and upload a picture  of your work to MyCourses.

      ·         No need to log on to our Zoom session.

      ·         You can use your notes, our textbook and any other tools you like.  

      ·         There will be a lot to do in the exam, possibly more than you have the time for. If you can’t finish everything, don’t worry, it’s still possible to get a good grade without completing the entire exam. But do complete the whole exam if you do have the time!

      Just in case:

      ·         If you have any problems with the exam, don’t hesitate to email me at mari.nikonen@aalto.fi.

      ·         If you turn in your work late, your grade will be lower than if you turned your work in on time. If you’re late because of a technical problem like your computer crashing, let me know and I’ll take that into account.


      Onnea tenttiin!


      Terveisin Mari