Topic outline

  • Warmly welcome to the course Becoming a Creative Professional!

    This course will consist of:

    • 6 x 3 h on-campus lectures on Wednesday mornings
    • 4 assignments between lectures
    • alumni interview
    • self-reflection paper

    Completion methods:

    • Attendance at all the lectures (5 out of 6 compulsory)
    • Submitting all the assignments

    Workload (3 ECTS = 81 h)

    • Contact teaching: 6 x 3 h = 18 h + processing the new (0,5 x 18) =  27 h​
    • Orientation to the course, administrative work 6 h
    • Assignments 4 x 6 h = 24 h
    • Preparing for the interview 6 h
    • Interview 3 h
    • Presentation of the interview 6 h
    • Self-reflection paper 9 h

    You will find the materials of the lectures and possible some extra from the section Lectures and other materials. All the assignments with the instructions and submission boxes will be available in the section Assignments.
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    The themes of the lectures that follow the career design theory of Tomlinson (picture above) are:

    1. Sustainable career (1.3.2023)
    2. Professional Identity (8.3.2023)
    3. Strengths and Competences (15.3.2023)
    4. Emotion regulation (22.3.2023)
    5. Professional practice and habits (29.3.2023)
    6. Alumni interviews (5.4.2023)

    Lecture materials will be uploaded here during the course.

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    Here you'll find all the assignments of this course.

    We will open the assignments one by one after each lecture.

    You can do and submit the assignments in English, Finnish or Swedish. Except the presentation of the alumni interview has to be in English.

  • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

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