• Course project

    Course project

    The archive password is "T1106220” (without quotes). 
    The samples are not malicious. They have been renamed to .bin to prevent problems with email scanners.

    Project deadline: 29th April 2016 23:59

    Project makes up 70% of the course grade

    Project must be solved individually. You are allowed and to use the Internet while solving the problems. A simple Google search can do wonders and the materials section also has links to good resources for those who are stuck.

    Submit your answers in a plaintext e-mail (answers in the body, no attachments unless explicitly requested) to T-110.6220@list.aalto.fi with the subject "T-110.6220 project submission". Please make sure your submission includes your full name and student ID. 

    In case you don't have a Windows license, Remember that you can - as a student of Aalto - get free Windows licenses from the Dreamspark/Dreamspark Premium services. See Aalto Into for more information. 

    • Not available unless: You are a(n) Teacher
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