• Course Summary

    The course starts on the 5th of January, 2016, at 10:15 in Lecture hall T6.
    Credits 5   cr
    Level of the Course

    The course is only for students who have completed their general studies.

    Teaching Period

    III - IV (Spring)

    Workload Lectures: 24
    Teaching in small groups: 24
    Examinations: 3
    Programming assignments: 20
    Other independent work (including preparing for the examination): 62
    Learning Outcomes

    At this course you will learn to represent combinatorial search problems in terms of propositional satisfiability, constraint programming, and integer programming formulations. You will obtain a basic understanding of linear programming methodology and become familiar with several types of local search techniques. Having completed the course, you will be able to translate your problem into an appropriate general formulation and use a generic problem solver to solve the problem, or design a local search method tailored specifically to your problem of interest.


    Search spaces and search methods. Backtracking, local and heuristic search. Representing and solving search problems using propositional satisfiability, constraint programming, and integer programming techniques.

    Assessment Methods and Criteria

    Examination and two programming assignments. The course grade is determined by the exam but extra points can be earned from programming assignments and tutorials.

    Study Material Lecture slides, tutorials. 
    Substitutes for Courses

    Replaces former course T-79.3001 Logic in Computer Science: Foundations.


    Boolean logic, linear algebra, and basic programming skills

    Grading Scale


    Registration for the Course  In Oodi.
    Language of Instruction EN.


    Course Staff and Contact Information

    Lecturers: Shahab Tasharrofi (lectures 1-6) and Bart Bogaerts (lectures 7-12)

    Course assistant: Binda Pandey

    Office Hours