Topic outline

    • For your peer group meetings:

      • Make a plan for the meetings in order to further your objectives. For instance:
      • 1st meeting: clarify objectives, divide tasks, planning of how to report the outcomes...
      • 2nd meeting: discussion about found answers, new viewpoints, new ideas and integration of viewpoints as well as planning the presentation of group objectives, process and outcomes for the last face-to-face teaching session
      • Write a summary of each meeting & the final outcome on MyCourses
      Peer groups are presenting a group work/findings/outcomes at the last contact teaching session 2nd December 2015.
      • Plan and implement, as a group, about 20 min (+10 min for discussion) "teaching session" to whole group in order to teach the others something you have learnt.
      • Familiarize yourselves with different kinds of teaching methods (for example Hyppönen & Linden: Handbook for teachers - course structures, teaching methods and assessment pages  34-55) and choose an appropriate method for your session.
      • We have reserved time for preparing this also at the last face-to-face day.