Assignment 1- Option 1 (Tekla Campus Online)

This assignment requires students to register for Tekla Campus Online Course-

As you notice, there are two learning paths: Fundamentals and Construction Management.

Your are required to complete both the learning paths and document your learning. This should be presented in a 5 page report. 

The instructions for writing the report are as follows:

1: Present snapshots from from your Tekla Campus login profile, scores, etc, with a brief description of what was accomplished.

2: Present a brief review (500 words, in English) of Tekla Campus as a learning platform, and your views about potential implications of tools such as Tekla for construction project management. What are the key Grading of Tekla Campus assignment will be based on following criteria:

Take-aways from your experience with Tekla via Tekla Campus?

1.Your score, badges, portfolio and level of completion of the Tekla Campus course 

2.How well is your report documented, that is, presentation of the report 

3.How insightful and reflective is your 500 word review