Assignment 1- Option 2 (Two Essays)

Requirement: 2 essays, each approx. 2000 words, each worth 10 marks

Topic of essays: Pick any two topics covered during the 5 lectures

In the five lectures in the course several topics will be covered. You can pick any two topics covered during these lectures, conduct follow-up studies, and write an essay on that topic. For example, in the first lecture topics related to Value in construction project were discussed. Similarly, in the second lecture topics related to Information Systems in Construction were discussed. You could consider a topic such as 'Value in Construction projects' or you could go more specific and pick a topic such as 'Value creation vs value capturing in construction'. Similarly, you could have a topic such as 'Information Systems in Construction' or you can go more specific and pick a topic such as 'Role of representation in construction communication'. 

Whatever topic you choose, the essays should reflect due reading and investigation into that topic.

Language: English.

Grading of each essay (10 marks) will be based on following criteria:

1.      Demonstrated level of understanding of the topic 

2.      Structure of the essay, that is, how the arguments are organized 

3.      Reference to related literature or reading material, that is, where did the student get more information on the topic