Assignment 2- Group work (Poster- case study)

This is a group project. Groups have already been formed at random. There are 11 groups and you will find the groupings here in MyCourse. Each group is assigned a case project to review. The first link to each case is a video documentary. The teams are expected to watch this video, and follow this up with investigations from other sources where there is more information on their case. After this review, each team is required to create a poster (Size A2) on their findings about the project. The posters need to be presented for a Gallery walk on 01.04.2016. 

Following are the expectations from the investigation:

1. Brief description of the the project. 

2. Why is the project considered an important landmark in construction?

3. What is the significance of the project for construction management?

4. What construction management practices were noticeable in the project? Was there any standout challenge for construction managers in this project?

5. What was done well in the project?

6. What could have been better with better construction management practice?

This is an indicative list to give an idea as to what is expected from your review and poster presentation. It is likely that some of these questions may not be easy to answer based on the available material. Nonetheless, the review and posters should be insightful for the reader.

Here is the list of projects assigned to the different groups:

Group 1:

Group 2: 

Group 3: 

Group 4: 

Group 5: 

Group 6: 

Group 7: 

Group 8: 

Group 9: 

Group 10: 

Group 11: