Periodical Learning Diary I (period III)

Due: Friday, 17 February 2023, 11:59 PM
The first periodical learning diary is due on the Friday 17th of February midnight. 

  1. Length must be between 2400 - 6000 words, +1pt
  2. Images must be used, labelled, and reflected on in the body text, +1pt
  3. Academic references must be used (at least one of the required course readings in this diary, see literature section in MyCourses), reflected on, and proper citation format used (IEEE or APA), +1pt
  4. Team project and your personal role in it should be explained and reflected upon, +1pt
  5. Weekly lab sessions should be presented both visually and reflected upon in text, +1pt

Missing the deadline:

For every missed starting 24 hours -1pt. So, a five-day delay means grade 0/5.