Individual Learning diaries

Lecture diary instructions:

The deadline for the submission of the final version of the ILRs is Friday 16.12.2016.

For each of the lectures (and exercises) and group work provide up to 2 page description that answers the questions described below


A.     Lesson learned

How did the material relate to your prior learning and life experience?  What did I learn? What was new to me? Was there something that changed my views and why? Focus on and analyze the themes important to you..

B.     Problems and open issues

What did I not understand? What went against my own ideas? Why? What was less comprehensible? Why? Focus on and analyze the questions that left you puzzled.

C.     Relevance

What the course has taught is likely to have some relevance for you and your studies. Can you identify what this is? How are you able to apply this knowledge in your studies? How does this support your development as a student? Make note of and reflect on the thoughts that emerge as especially important.

Download template below: