V-P workshop

            The XXI century has seen a fundamental transformation in the product design world.   
            From being entities purely physics and tangibles, products have evolved to become
          mix entities,  with physical and intangible attributes. 
          The products of this century have interactive properties that make possible
          the exchange of information between them and their users.
            These artifacts and services also facilitate communication between users and other
          people (Norman, 1986).
          Furthermore, products are being designed not only as interactive products
          but also as part of a bigger system and services.
            Those products are tangible touch points (Howard, 2007).
            There is the need for a different design communication tool to communicate and
          help to design of services, interactive systems and the development of
          user experiences: Video –prototyping.

              Video-prototype (V-P) is a tool specifically developed for the communication

               of user experience and interaction designs.

             The workshop aims to make students familiar with the process, elements

             and basic steps of video-prototyping. It shows examples of V-Ps

             and includes a V-P exercise.


Video-prototype investigates the application of technology within

a context (time and location) in which relevant interactions, experiences

and services take place.


The theme to explore in this workshop is

screenless internet or collaborative interactions


      Key Words: Video-prototype, experience, interaction, design, communication