1st assignment, due date ( 15.11.2016 )

Reflect on the main takeaways from last week's lecture, how that influenced you, and how these new ideas tie into your story and your experiences of storytelling.

For next class you are expected to deliver a story (your old or new one) in 60-90 seconds.

Submit an A4 doc/pdf document or provide a link to your blog/podcast/video/etc.

Upload your materials on Mycourses..Please DO NOT send the material by email.

Remember the 10 tips for good stories:

1- Stories are all about VALUES

2- Avoid complex language

3- Be descriptive

4- Get personal - connect emotionally

5- Be bold

6- Have fun - Be memorable

7- Great stories don't appeal to logic, they appeal to senses

8- A great story is authentic

9- 8 seconds to create a great first impression. Great stories happen fast

10- Make someone believe in what they already know