Team challenge for Session 4: Ideating and selecting a solution

Restate clearly and with focus the problem and customer you have chosen. 

Then ideate for solutions, and present the top 10 solutions you come up with and the top one solution you selected. Be explicit about how and why you selected it.

Create a video (5 minutes max) to report all of the above. 


To capture video, you can use your computers, phones or other devices. To edit videos you can use Mac computers’ iMovie, youtube, or other software.  Aalto’s Panopto desktop and mobile apps can also help you capture / edit / store video. You can find more instructions on how to edit and upload videos to Panopto here:

When you have the final video, store it on the cloud (e.g on dropbox, icloud, or Aalto’s Panopto), and then post here only the link to it. Make sure the link works. 


Required readings:

Recommended readings:

  • Kim, W. C., & Mauborgne, R. (2000). Knowing a winning business idea when you see one. Harvard Business Review, 78(5), 129-138.