Team challenge for Session 5: Creating a demo and crash testing it

Decide on how exactly your solution works and how exactly it can make money, and then test your assumptions by showing a demo of your solution to potential customers (at least 10!) and getting their feedback, face to face

Make sure people you contact are clearly within your defined customer target group. 

If your solution includes users that are different from the paying customer, then you need to get feedback from both (at least 5+5!). 

Make sure you present solid evidence of your crash test, such as video footage, photos or business cards. 

Finally, explain how exactly you improved your solution and revenue model based on the feedback received. 

One suggestion: don’t be afraid to make major changes after the feedback, but also remember that you don’t have to please everyone. 

Create a video (5 minutes max) to report all of the above. 


To capture video, you can use your computers, phones or other devices. To edit videos you can use Mac computers’ iMovie, youtube, or other software.  Aalto’s Panopto desktop and mobile apps can also help you capture / edit / store video. You can find more instructions on how to edit and upload videos to Panopto here:

When you have the final video, store it on the cloud (e.g on dropbox, icloud, or Aalto’s Panopto), and then post here only the link to it. Make sure the link works. 


Required readings:

Chapter 1 of: Osterwalder A. & Pigneur, Y. (2010). Business Model Generation: A handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers. WileyAvailable at: