Team challenge for Session 6: Mobilizing support

Post your Investor Video to convince your fellow students to invest in your idea on the Sandpit platform. 

Try to raise virtual funding for your project. 

Your video needs to be 3’ max, and cover in a focused way the following: Problem and solution, Team, Achievements, Market, Financials, Needs and punch line. 

You can incorporate slides in your video but presenter/s need to be visible at least at the beginning and end to give a personal touch. 

The pitch needs to be very well rehearsed and the transitions seamless (i.e. you should pitch without looking into notes / at any point either the presenter or full screen visuals can be visible, not both).

Please upload your video on Sandpit.

After all teams have uploaded their Investor Pitches, you can use virtual currency to invest into projects of your choice (other than your own) on the platform. Have fun! 

Required watching:

Recommended readings: