Opinion Piece, Pre-Course

Post a short opinion piece of 350-500 words on any topic related to entrepreneurship, connecting it to a real-life example (from personal experience or a public example you have researched), on the “Opinion Pieces, Pre-Course” forum found on the main page of the course in MyCourses.

Ideally pick one topic / opinion to share, that is of personal interest and speaks to current broader debates, and take a point of view that is original and bold. You can see suggestions for writing an interesting opinion piece under part I and part II (1-5) of this wiki: http://www.wikihow.com/Write-an-Opinion-Piece

Your submissions are meant to be visible to other students, so please be constructive in what your write and use appropriate language. 

Discussions are encouraged, so feel free to post comments to your classmates’ submissions and to initiate conversations.