Week 1 homework


  1. Join the Slack chat, using your Aalto email address: aaltocontests.slack.com
  2. Check that you have configured correctly your full real name and your email address both in Slack.
  3. Say hello to your fellow students in Slack on channel #general and maybe say a couple of words about your background and interests.


  1. Download the Competitive Programmer's Handbook by Antti Laaksonen: cses.fi/book.html
  2. Have a quick look at Chapters 1–4 and 11–12; many of you are already familiar with most of this material, but having a quick refresher probably won't hurt.
  3. Read Chapter 20 more carefully, and make sure you know how to solve max-flow / min-cut problems.
  4. Ask on Slack if anything is unclear.


  1. Create a user account in CSES if you do not have one yet: cses.fi
  2. Solve the two homework problems that you find here: cses.fi/127/list/
  3. Ask in Slack if you need any help with anything!