Learning diary

  • A total of 6 learning diaries is to be returned

  • Grading: 0-33% - Fail; 33-67% - Good; 67-100% - Excellent

  • Grading criteria: Self reflection, critical analysis of the topic, relevance of the literatures

  • Weightage of this assignment on overall course grade - 50%

  • Workload: 5 hour * 6 = 30 hours

  • Maximum length of each diary: 2 pages; return through mycourses

  • DL: 11:55 PM, 26th November 2017

As a part of the course, the students' task is to reflect on their learning with the lectures (live and video). Students are free to chose 6 lectures for which they want do learning diaries out of total of 10 lectures (5 live lectures + 5 video lectures). A learning diary is not about summarizing the whole content of the lecture, feel free to chose some (or just one) topics of the lecture that are most interesting to you and explain why you find it interesting. Students also need to find two (2) literature evidences around the topic that interest you. Combine your self analysis, content of the lecture and content of the literatures to produce a critical analysis of the topic. Note that it must be clear which topic and which article you have chosen (mark it in reference for example). Out of the 2 literature you chose for each diary, at least one should be academic journal article, other one can be less academic, for example, books, reports, blogs, videos or websites.  

The ideal length of a learning diary is 1 to 2 pages (font size 12, line space 1.5) and it should not be more than 2 pages. Length of the diary is not the important factor, but the quality of reflection and your critical judgement is important. Please keep making the learning diary during the course so that you won't have too much to do towards the end of the period.