Mindmap, week 1

Personal dynamic learning feedbacks are given in the form of mindmaps. Together with other requested feedback, doing this excercise properly brings you 5 extra points fot the course, i.e. 0,5 grade.

Mindmaps are done with Mindjet Mindmanager software. It is available free for every Aalto University student (download.aalto.fi) and can be used in PC and Mac environments. Mobile app is also available.

Through mindmaps student can deepen the connection between diffent topics learned on this course and other courses. Mindmaps also helps teacher to track possiple gaps in learning in specific themes lectured during the course. You will get maximum points from the midmaps when you:

  1. Look at the topic of the next lecture. Write down your expectations related to this topic. Then familiarize yourself with the lecture material and write down the key learning challenges (3-5 issues) you experience here.

  2. Define emotion on lecture level subject topic

  3. Update your self-assessment on the readiness of the learned subject (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%). 

  4. Draw arrow ("relationship") between different course topics, the way you see it.

  5. Describe the connection drawn with "relationship" arrow ("callout", mouse right click).

  6. You do this every week during the course.

Clean Mindmap-file can be found below. You can add new topics, branches, comments as you wish, but don't delete anything. Questions can be sent to Heikki Remes (subject matter) or Ville Kivimäki (mindmap technical matter), firstname.lastname@aalto.fi

More thorough help file is available in HTML format as a file below. Mindjet Mindmanager software with license key can be found here: https://download.aalto.fi/.

Please note:

This mindmap-assignment is part of Aalto Online Learning pilot project, run by Jani Romanoff and Ville Kivimäki. By participating in this activity you are helping Aalto University to develop a more dynamic feedback system. By submitting your mindmap through MyCourses you give this project a permission to access your student data (Oodi, MyCourses and Aalto DataWarehouse). This data is used to assess the benefits of this mindmap tool, it can also be used in research. Any visualizations or reports made from this data will not show your true identity. Personal data will be handled with care.

If you don't want to take part in this research and development, you can submit your mindmap through e-mail to your teacher, Heikki Remes (firstname.lastname@aalto.fi). If you have any questions about the work we're doing within this project, please contact project owner Jani Romanoff or project manager Ville Kivimäki.